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Quickly add address validation to eCommerce platforms, CRMs, form builders and more with one of our native extensions or integration guides.

Using an existing integration is the fastest way to setup an Address Finder or Postcode Lookup. For more complex use cases for online address validation, use our Address Finder or Postcode Lookup libraries.

1. Find your Platform#

All integrations and associated guides are listed on this documentation site (in the left sidebar).

Let us know if you can't find your platform. If the integration is not currently listed, we may already be working on it or we can help you integrate address verification using Address Finder or Postcode Lookup. We proritise integrations based on feedback so feedback is welcome.

2. Create an Account#

Create an account on This step will provide you an Key, which you will need to enable your integration. Your first Key will have a free trial balance to allow you to test out the integration and get started.

3. Use the Guide#

Create a test integration using the guide identified in step 1 and your Key from step 2. Contact support if you get stuck.

4. Go Live#

When you are happy with the integration, select a plan for your Key from your dashboard to keep your balance topped-up.