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Automated Top-Ups

Enabling Automated Top-Ups

Your API Key requires a prepurchased balance to function. Your API Key balance must be topped up to continue working.

It is possible to remove the manual aspect of topping up by enabling Automated Top-Ups. If you leave your payment information with us, we can top-up your API Key when your balance runs low and keep you notified.

When enabled, we will start a top-up when your balance falls to 10% of your plan volume, i.e. if your plan volume is 2,000, we will attempt to bill you when you reach 200 lookups.

We dispatch notifications when an automated top-up attempt takes place.

Good to Know

  • An automated Top-Up may only take place once per day
  • We contact only the email addresses on your API Key notification list
  • You can enable automated invoice forwarding from your account page

Balance Expiry

For data licensing reasons, each lookup batch expires 12 months from first use.

We will notify you and attempt a pre-emptive automated top-up when your balance is within 6 weeks of expiring. We do this to surface any payment issues before your API Key balance falls to 0.

Which Plan Should You Choose?

We offer bulk tiers for Automated Top-Ups. Specific costings are available on our pricing options.

Since each batch last 12 months from first use, we recommend aiming to procure 6-9 months in advance.

Our lookup guide explains what kind of search affects your lookup balance.

How to Enable Automated Top-Ups

To set up automated transactions, follow the steps below:

  1. Add and save your payment details on the billing page. The Billing tab can be found on the left sidebar on the dashboard.
  2. At the bottom of the page, you will find a section where you are required to add the plan and select the payment method from the drop down.
  3. To confirm the automated top-up, click on Enable.
Enable Automated Top-Ups-screenshot

Contact us if you need more information or support.