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What is an API Key?

An API Key is a string of characters that authenticates your integration with us. Think of it as a code you can use, which allows us to know who is accessing our services.

When your integration is searching our database for an address, you will likely be sending us your API Key to tell us who you are.

How many API Keys can I have?

You can create up to 10 API Keys. You can configure each API Key to have its own balance, security and notification settings.

Your first API Key on your account will receive a test balance of 100 lookups. You can create more keys on your account via the dashboard.

What are API Keys used for?


When searching and validating addresses, you will need to send us your API Key so we know who is accessing the data. This means you will always need to include your API Key in any integration with us.


Each API Key on your account has security settings configurable by you. See our guide on securing your API Key.


Each API Key has its own email notification list. Addresses on this list receive balance notifications, top-up updates and other actionable information.

Balance Management

Each Key also has its own lookup balance. You will generally need to buy a lookup balance ahead of time to access addressing data.

See our guide on what is a lookup to find out more.

Where Do I Find It and What Does It Look Like?

Our API Keys generally begin with the characters ak_.

An API Key can look like:


You can find them listed on your dashboard after signing into your account.