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Ideal Postcodes Browser Extensions

Integrate Address Validation to Chrome and Firefox Browsers.

Chrome and Firefox extensions are available to inject UK address search and validation across different platforms and web-based applications.

This extension is free to download and install but integrations need an API Key.

Contact us if you get stuck. Drop by our developer chat page for in-depth assistance.


  • Creates Address autocompletion on first address line of address forms
  • Checks if key is usable before enabling Address Finder
  • Select from a list of all addresses at a postcode by entering exact postcode in the first address line

If you need support, you can either reach out to us on our support page or drop by our developer chat page.

UK Address Finder & Odoo CRM Contact Management-screenshot

UK Address Finder & BigCommerce Dashboard-screenshot



Chrome Web Store

Download our Chrome Extension from the Chrome Extension Page. Click on Add to Chrome.

Ideal Postcodes Extension on Chrome Web Store-screenshot

Firefox Browser Add-Ons

Download our add-on from the Firefox Add-On page.

Ideal Postcodes Extension on Firefox Browser Add-Ons-screenshot


Once downloaded, you can activate the extension by adding your API Key and enabling the integrations relevant to you on the options page.

Activate Browser Extension

Access the extension options page by clicking on our Browser Extension on your address bar and then on Configure in the popup.

From the options page, click on the Configuration tab in the left sidebar.

On the configuration page, enter your API Key and click Update button.

Our guide on API Keys explains what they are and how to get one.

Browser Extension configuration page-screenshot

Activate an Integration

After adding your API Key, you may activate the integration relevant to you.

From the options page click on the Integrations tab in the sidebar. Locate your integration, mark the Enabled checkbox and click Update.

Browser Extension integrations page-screenshot


  • To retrieve a list of suggestions, start typing in the first address field. Use the arrow keys or mouse to select your address
  • To get a dropdown of addresses at a postcode, enter the entire postcode in the first address field