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Ideal Postcodes WooCommerce Extension

WooCommerce extension for UK address search and validation


  • Address Finder and/or Postcode Lookup on
    • Checkout shipping and billing pages
    • Customer account pages
  • Adds Address Finder to WooCommerce admin pages (e.g. order creation, update)
  • Checks if key is usable before enabling autocomplete
  • Optionally populate organisation name from selected address
  • Optionally populate county information

If you need support, you can either reach out to us on our support page or drop by our developer chat page.


Address Finder and Postcode Lookup in Action-screenshot

Address Finder

Add Address Finder to your checkout address forms-screenshot

Add Address Finder to your account address forms-screenshot

Postcode Lookup

Add Postcode Lookup to your checkout address forms-screenshot

Add Postcode Lookup to your account address forms-screenshot

Address Finder in Admin Dashboard

Add Address Finder to WooCommerce administrative pages-screenshot

Works With


Download Options

You can install this plugin manually or via WordPress plugins.

Manual Installation

  1. Retrieve the plugin from the GitHub repository and download the latest from the releases page
  2. Unzip the release and upload the uk-address-postcode-validation directory to /wp-content/plugins/uk-address-postcode-validation

WordPress Plugins

The plugin is available on the WordPress Plugins directory.

You can download it from your dashboard:

  1. Click on Plugins -> Add New in the left sidebar
  2. Search for Ideal Postcodes
  3. Click Install Now on the plugin named UK Address Postcode Validation
  4. Click Activate when the plugin is installed


Configuring settings-screenshot

  1. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress
  2. Configure the plugin. Click on the WooCommerce link in the sidebar, followed by the Integration tab on the settings page.
  3. From the options available, click on UK Address Postcode Validation.
  4. Add your API Key. You will need to add your API Key from your Ideal Postcodes dashboard. Your first Key will have a free test balance. To go live, you will need to prepurchase a lookup balance on your Key.


The Ideal Postcodes extension can be configured via the WooCommerce Settings page. From the left sidebar of the admin dashboard, click WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration -> UK Address Postcode Validation.



Activates or deactivates the extension altogether.


The API Key is required to verify your account for address validation. This can be found on your account dashboard on


Enable Populate Organisation

Addresses selected which carry an organisation attached will overwrite the value of the Company Name field.

Enable County

This will populate the county field. County data is no longer used in the UK to identify a premise. However, this can be enabled if you prefer.

Separate Address Finder

This will created a separate input field specifically for the Address Finder above your address fields. By default, the Address Finder is only applied to the first address line.

Enable Address Validation based on country

This will enable or disable our Address Validation tools based on whether a supported territory has been selected.

Advanced Configuration

Advanced configuration settings-screenshot

Postcode Lookup Configuration Override

Defaults to blank or empty (i.e. ""). Please take care when updating this field as invalid input will prevent address validation from running.

This globally overrides the Postcode Lookup configuration object. See the Postcode Lookup library documentation to find out more.

Address Autocomplete Configuration Override

Defaults to blank or empty (i.e. ""). Please take care when updating this field as invalid input will prevent address validation from running.

This globally overrides the Address Finder configuration object. See the Address Finder library documentation to find out more.


Elementor is a free WordPress website builder, which also allows you to create custom checkouts for WooCommerce.

Elementor stops checkout plugins from running by disabling the default page actions. Follow the steps below to fix this:


Step 1. Add a PHP snippet to your WordPress site either via functions.php or a PHP snippet plugin. The snippet defines a function which activates the WooCommerce specific checkout hooks.

* Re-invokes certain WooCommerce hooks to activate the Ideal Postcodes address validation plugin on checkout
* Requires a shortcode "[do_woocommerce_hooks]" to be added to the checkout page
add_shortcode('do_woocommerce_hooks', function(){
// Loads JavaScript and CSS assets
// Injects credentials and initialises above assets

Step 2. On your custom checkout page, add a shortcode with the following contents:


This will cause the function defined in Step 1 to run, loading in address validation.

Navigate to shortcode-screenshot

Elementor shortcode-screenshot