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Zapier Address Validation Documentation

Zap Creation

To create a new automated workflow, click Create -> Zaps on the left-hand sidebar.

Zapier Automation Create Zap


App & Event

Scroll past the prompt asking wht you would like to automate and click Trigger.

Zapier Automation Trigger

From the list of available platforms, locate and click the one you are using. On the right-hand sidebar, go to the App & Event tab. Click the Event field and choose an event that will trigger the workflow.

Zapier Automation Event Trigger


Go to the Account tab and connect your chosen platform's account by signing in. This will take you to your platform's login page.

Zapier Automation Linking Account


Continue to the Trigger tab. Choose the form you wish to automate.

Zapier Automation Form Trigger


Head over to Test tab to test your trigger. If the test is successful, it will display the data.

Zapier Automation Trigger Test


Click on Action, this is the next step of the workflow. It will prompt you to choose an action, search for the Ideal Postcodes.

Zapier Automation Action Ideal API

App & Event

Create a new Event, Ideal Postcodes offer the following services:

  • UK Address Cleanse
  • UK Address Verify
  • Phone Number Validation
  • Email Verification


Link your Ideal Postcodes account by adding your apikey. This can be found on your Account Dashboard. Zapier Automation Ideal Postcodes API Key


Add the address elements that your form uses here. A basic address form to capture a correct UK address requires the following fields:

Address line one Address line two Address line three Post town Postcode

Zapier Automation Address Elements Zapier Automation Address Elements

Storing Data

Create a new step and choose from the available platforms a place to store your data. Google Sheets will be used as an example.

App & Event

Choose an event, this will determine how data is stored.

Zapier Automation Data Event


Link your Account


Direct it to the correct destination

Zapier Automation Data Destination

This will then populate all the columns present in that Spreadsheet. Match each column with the correct address elements present from the Ideal Postcode results

Zapier Automation Data Link


If all is successful, your spreadsheet will be populated.

Zapier Automation Success


If you need support, you can either reach out to us on our support page or drop by our developer chat page.