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Sage Business Cloud Accounting Integration

Integrate Address Validation to Your Sage Application

Browser Extension Demo-screenshot


  • Adds UK Address Finder to new customer and supplier record creation fields

If you need support, you can either reach out to us on our support page or drop by our developer chat page.


Address Autocompletion on the Sage Business Cloud Customer's page-screenshot


This integration uses the Ideal Postcodes Extension which can be downloaded from the Chrome or Firefox extension marketplaces.

See our Browser Extension guide for more information.

Supported Forms

Support URL Paths:

  • /contacts
  • /invoicing
  • /advanced_uk

Address Field Selectors (Supported Fields)

Customer Account

line_1: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][0][line_1]"]',
line_2: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][0][line_2]"]',
post_town: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][0][line_3]"]',
county: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][0][line_4]"]',
postcode: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][0][postcode]"]',
country: "",

Customer Delivery

line_1: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][1][line_1]"]',
line_2: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][1][line_2]"]',
post_town: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][1][line_3]"]',
county: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][1][line_4]"]',
postcode: '[name="contact[addresses_attributes][1][postcode]"]',
country: "",