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Hubspot Integration

Add address validation to your HubSpot CRM with our Browser Extension.

HubSpot Browser Extension Demo-screenshot


  • Adds UK Address Finder to form address fields
  • Adds UK Address Finder to Custom Objects

Integrate Address Validation on your HubSpot CRM


Address Autocompletion on the HubSpot CRM-screenshot


This integration uses the Ideal Postcodes Extension which can be downloaded from the Chrome or Firefox Extensions marketplaces.

See our Browser Extension guide for more information.

Custom Objects

Creating Custom Objects

  1. On the Contacts page click 'Actions'.

  2. Choose edit properties.

  3. Create a property.

  4. Choose the object type and group.

  5. Name your object - this will be used to reference the object in the JSON configuration editor.

Creating Custom Objects

Setting up

The Browser Extension also allows you to bind Address Finder to custom address attributes. To do this you will need to map an address field to a Custom Object Field Name using our JSON configuration editor.

For instance, the config below maps two Custom Objects.

"line_1": "Address_Line_One__c",
"post_town": "Town_or_City__c",
"postcode": "Postcode__c"
"line_1": "Customer_Line_1__c",
"line_2": "Customer_Line_2__c",
"post_town": "Customer_Post_Town__c",
"postcode": "Customer_Postcode__c",
"county": "Customer_UPRN__c"

The first Custom Object receives address validation for Address Line One, Town or City and Postcode fields. The Address Finder will bind to Address Line One and populate addresses for these fields

Similarly, the second Custom Object receives address validation for Customer Line 1, Customer Line 2, Customer Post Town, Customer Postcode, Customer County and Customer UPRN.

The complete list of address fields (e.g. line_1, post_town, postcode) is available in our data documentation.

The name of the field is available in your Salesforce Custom Object Manager. It is listed under Field Name and is typically suffixed __c.

The Custom Object Field is identified by Field Name-screenshot