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ChatGPT for Docs


We are in the very early stages of using a LLM to improve the developer experience around our tools and APIs. Please use ChatGPT for Docs and rate the answers to your questions so we can improve the agent and our documentation.

ChatGPT for Docs is a agent designed to answer questions related to Ideal Postcodes documentation. When presented with a question, ChatGPT for Docs will find the most semantically relevant pages and answer your question with the contents of that page.

If you are familiar with Large Language Models like ChatGPT, you may find utility in this tool for:

  • Quickly finding information in our docs
  • Presenting error messages and asking for suggestions
  • Providing context and clarification for technical jargon
  • Providing concise and quick answers to questions buried in the documentation
  • Presenting code (HTML, JavaScript, etc) and asking for integration code

ChatGPT for Docs is a LLM and so can return wrong answers to questions outside the scope or inadequately addressed in our documentation. Please take the time to double check based on the returned documentation or ask a (human) technical support specialist via chat.

Tips for using ChatGPT for Docs:

  • Be specific and clear in your queries
  • Ask simple, direct questions to get the best results
  • Follow up with more specific or complex questions to get more detailed answers