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Browser API Client

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Ideal Postcodes Javascript Client

JavaScript browser client for

@ideal-postcodes/core-browser is the JavaScript browser client for

Our JavaScript clients implement a common interface defined at @ideal-postcodes/core-interface.

High level client documentation can be found at core-interface.

In depth client documentation can be found at

Tested against a suite of modern and legacy, mobile and desktop browsers.

@ideal-postcodes/core-browsershould be consumed by a bundler or transpiler (e.g. Webpack, Parcel, Rollup) for minification, module resolution and specific browser support.

core-browser-bundled provides pre-bundled versions of core-browser, which can be immediately dropped into a page.

core-axios is an Axios-backed client. Axios is a promised based library that can be used on both the browser and server. It is ideal for frameworks that utilise server side rendering (Angular, Next.js, React, etc) and isomorphic code (runs on both browser and server).

Example Setup

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