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Email Validation



Query for and validate email addresses.


Query Parameters

    api_key string

    API Key

    Your unique identifier that allows access to our APIs.

    Begins ak_. Available from your dashboard

    Example: ak_test
    query stringrequired

    Specifies the email address to validate

    Tags string

    A comma separated list of tags to query over.

    Useful if you want to specify the circumstances in which the request was made.

    If multiple tags are specified, the response will only comprise of requests for which all the tags are satisfied - i.e. searching "foo,bar" will only query requests which tagged both "foo" and "bar".

    Example: foo,bar



    code int32required

    Possible values: [2000]

    message stringrequired

    Possible values: [Success]

    result object required
    result stringrequired

    Possible values: [deliverable, not_deliverable]

    deliverable booleanrequired

    Returns true if the email can be delivered

    disposable booleanrequired

    Returns true if email comes from a disposable email service like temp-mail

    free booleanrequired

    Returns true if the email originates from a free service like Outlook or Gmail.

    role booleanrequired

    Returns true if email address represents an organisational role like admin, support, postmaster etc

    catchall booleanrequired

    Returns true if this domain accepts all emails regardless of username