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Omit Company Name

In many countries including the UK, the organisation name will take presidence as the first line of an address if it is present.

By setting removeOrganisation to true, the plugin will scrub any organisation name from address lines.


Note that in instances where the organisation name is the only premise identifier, it will not be removed from an address.

This code demonstrates how to integrate the Ideal Postcodes Address Finder API with a web page and extract out organisation information into a separate field. The example shows how to remove the organization name from the address and map it to a separate form field. When removeOrganisation property is set to true, indicating that the organization name will be removed from the address before populating the form fields.
apiKey: "ak_test",
inputField: "#input",
removeOrganisation: true,
outputFields: {
organisation_name: "#organisation"
line_1: "#first_line",
line_2: "#second_line",
line_3: "#third_line",
post_town: "#post_town",
postcode: "#postcode",

Live Demo