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Address Finder uses a small default set of messages to communicate specific events to the user. All of Address Finder's default messages can be overridden. They are outlined below:

Initial Message


Displays when the Address Finder is opened and the input field is empty.

Defaults to "Start typing to find address"

Accessibility (Screen Reader) Message


The aria-label assigned to the address suggestion list. This message will only be picked up by screen readers.

Defaults to "Select your address"

No Match


Displays when no suggestions could be found for the query.

Defaults to "No matches found"

Unhide Label


Displayed to the user if Address Fields have been hidden. It is shown as a clickable element to trigger manual address entry.

Defaults to "Enter address manually"

Fallback Message


Show when Address Finder is unable for any reason (e.g. key is not available).

Defaults to "Please enter your address manually"



Keep in mind these messages are also important for users who rely on the screen-reader. When altering the message be sure that the necessary meaning and intent is understandable to visually impaired users who will be getting audio cues from their screen-reader.