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Package Manager (npm)

Address Finder is also available without transpilation or minification on npm as @ideal-postcodes/address-finder.

The address-finder npm package works out-of-the-box with most bundlers. The advantage of consuming this package are:

  • Finer control over which browsers you wish to support
  • Dependency deduplification
  • Tree shaking
  • Smaller package sizes

@ideal-postcodes/address-finder-bundled also works with bundlers. In fact, address-finder-bundled is built from address-finder using this rollup configuration. address-finder-bundled will work in all bundlers with no configuration changes as it is conservatively pre-transpiled, polyfilled and minified.


Use address-finder-bundled if you are having difficulty adding address-finder to your bundler. The output may be slightly larger but it is guaranteed to work without changing your bundler configuration.



Add address-finder to your project via npm with

npm install @ideal-postcodes/address-finder


Instantiate Address Finder with AddressFinder.setup.

import { AddressFinder } from "@ideal-postcodes/address-finder";
const controller = AddressFinder.setup({  apiKey: "iddqd",  outputFields: {    line_1: "#line_1",    line_2: "#line_2",    line_3: "#line_3",    post_town: "#post_town",    postcode: "#postcode",  },});



Bundler Examples#

Linked below are examples of Address Finder integrating with popular JavaScript bundlers.

Webpack Demo#

Parcel Demo#

Rollup Demo#