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Postcode Lookup

Add Postcode Lookup to your forms in moments with our Postcode Lookup JavaScript package.

Ideal Postcodes Postcode Lookup


  • Rapid Address Retrieval. Postcode Lookup is the most widely understood and fastest way to retrieve a UK address.
  • Fuzzy Matching. Suggests nearest matching postcodes if invalid postcode provided.
  • Postcode Fixing. Fixes common mistakes in postcodes.
  • Inclusive. WAI-ARIA compliant and works on screen readers for maximum accessibility.
  • Customisable. Extensively customisable behaviour and styling.

Quick Setup#

Enable Postcode Lookup by:

  1. Adding your API Key with apiKey
  2. Provide an area to render our UI with context
  3. Designating address fields to be autofilled with outputFields
  • Getting Started
  • Install
    • Drop in script
    • npm
    • npm advanced
  • Instantiate
  • Autofill Address Fields
  • Styling
  • HTML Structure + HOw it works
  • React
  • Callbacks
  • Custom Behaviour
  • Accessibility
  • How Ts
  • Changelog