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UK Address Form

To capture the standard UK address,

  • Address Line One
  • Address Line Two
  • Address Line Three
  • Post Town
  • Postcode

Create address fields-screenshot

Things You Won't Need ⛔️

Adding unnecessary address details can do more harm than good. Unnecessary address fields create more information to sift through, creating a larger surface area for mistakes to appear and occasionally can be misleading.

  • County . Adding county information to an address does not make it easier to route. Royal Mail recommend against including county. Sometimes county information create more confusion than clarity
  • Village, burrough, city or town name . As long as you've correctly specified the post town and/or postcode, these are unimportant details
  • Country . Unless you are delivering internationally, Royal Mail actually recommend against including country

Some addresses are just the organisation name, post town and postcode. So it is often a good idea to not remove this from the address during collection County names should very much be avoided to identify a premise