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As of September 2020, this page will only reflect changes on

Changelogs for our API clients and other projects can be found on the project CHANGELOG.mds on Github.

May 2021#

  • /postcodes/:postcode now returns up to 5 suggested postcodes if there is no exact postcode match. It will check for common errors first (i.e. mixing up 0 and O or 1 and I).

April 2021#

  • /postcodes/:postcode now returns total, limit and page attributes for all responses (not just Multiple Residence)

March 2021#

  • /keys/:key API now accepts sublicensee keys that begin sl_

February 2021#

January 2021#

  • Usage log exports now reports the Origin header in the URL column if the Referer is not available.

December 2020#

  • Checking key details with the /keys/:key will now return a datasets attribute. This identifies which datasets (i.e. PAF, Multiple Residence, Not Yet Built) this key has access to.

November 2020#

  • Licensee keys may now be passed in via the API Key argument of the querystring (api_key=) or authorisation header IDEALPOSTCODES api_key="". Our documentation will be updated to reflect this as the primary method of identifying a licensee. However the earlier method of supplying both licensee and api_key will continue to be supported.

October 2020#

  • /addresses no accepts no terms query. This means addresses can be searched using just filters like postcode
  • New filters available for /addresses including postcode_area, postcode_sector, uprn and more
  • Search /addresses with UPRNs using the uprn= filter

September 2020#

  • Address responses now return a uprn attribute for GB addresses
  • GB address geolocations are now rooftop accurate if they have a uprn assigned