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Style Adjustments

It's possible that the default styling may require a small tweak to allow it to better match your design and site aesthetic. Rather than adding CSS assets, we recommend applying a style attribute as a setup configuration option. The configurations below apply a style attributely directly to a specific element of the address finder.



Applies additional styling to the input field.

Suggestion Element


Applies custom styling to every list element <li> including address suggestions and messages.

Sugggestion List


Applies additional styling to the the suggestion list.

Address Finder Container


Applies additional styling to the the container element.


A common issue is the Address Finder dropdown could be better aligned with the input field to match your website's design choices. In these instances you can set negative or positive margin to containerStyle to marginTop or marginLeft to nudge it in any direction. For instance, marginTop: "-5px" to move the Address Finder 5 pixels up.